Random Chat: Talk to Strangers and Make Friends!

Yep, Speakrandom™ is a random chat website where you can talk to strangers online easily! Features a group text & audio chat to make it easier for you to talk away. Anonymous, no sign up, be yourself 100%. Perfect for making friends.

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About us

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Our Mission

Our #1 goal is to make it extremely easy to have awesome conversations while being 100% yourself.
By chatting without having a camera on, you are much more likely to enjoy talking with a stranger. There is no prejudice towards appearance so you're able to focus on the conversation at hand.

Enforcing rules

We believe that moderation is the key to an awesome community. Although you are anonymous to other users, our website is actively monitored to make sure all members comply with our Chat rules. Besides that, having no camera reduces obscenity by a large amount.

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Anonymous No Sign Up Voice / Audio Chat

Chat rules

Be respectful

People come in all shapes and sizes, as well from any part of the world. Some discussions will become heated, and that’s all right.

When that happens, avoid direct attacks or insults to the other person. This is not allowed.

Keep it clean

As much as we love freedom of speech, we love more positivism.

No conversation that includes bigotry, racism, sexism, and excessive flaming will lead to any positive outcome. Because of this, it will not be tolerated.

Use common sense

We could be writing a constitution here, full of rules and whatnot, however, that goes against our value of freedom of speech. A good rule of thumb is to simply not exaggerate in one area. For example, swearing is fine but avoid excessive use.

Random Chat Info

Avoid Filters

One of the main benefits of random chats is that you can simply say whatever is on your head without caring what the other thinks, since you can just press Next or quit the app.
In the beginning, this takes some time to get used to, but it's one of the main benefits of Speakrandom.
This can for sure make you better at letting loose and make you enjoy more social interactions.
Speakrandom encourages you to talk randomly (hence the name). Whether you want to talk in morse code or just asking what type of vegetable is their favorite, you are free to talk about whatever the hell you feel like.

Avoid Judging

This tip is well, reverse of the coin to the tip above. If people remove their filters more, then you'll realize that people are, well... weird - not in the bad sense though. Most of the time people think about really random stuff.
So what we ask you is that, if you hear a question such as "what is your favorite vegatable?", don't get surprised. This is how you also make friends easily, but chatting about things that you normally don't with random strangers.

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