Random chat, make friends, talk to strangers with your voice

Feel like shower-singing without being judged? How about discussing trending topics with random strangers?
We got your back. Speakrandom is an app where you can random chat a bunch of people using your beautiful voice - anonymous or not.
Thousands have joined us... why haven't you?

Chatting rules

Be respectful

People come in all shapes and sizes, as well from any part of the world. Some discussions will become heated, and that’s all right.

When that happens, avoid direct attacks or insults to the other person. This is not allowed.

Keep it clean

As much as we love freedom of speech, we love more positivism.

No conversation that includes bigotry, racism, sexism, and excessive flaming will lead to any positive outcome. Because of this, it will not be tolerated.

Use common sense

We could be writing a constitution here, full of rules and whatnot, however, that goes against our value of freedom of speech. A good rule of thumb is to simply not exaggerate in one area. For example, swearing is fine but avoid excessive use.

See the Terms and Conditions for the full list of rules


Talk to strangers

Random Voice & Text Chatting

The heart of the app.
As soon as you start you join a random room up to 4 people (you included). Here, you can have vocal discussions, as well as a complementary text chat so you can send links, YouTube videos, social media, articles, etc...
In each room, you have the right to vote to ban a user for any reason, as well as muting yourself or other users.

Social Community

Although we don't force our users to sign up with us and we let you be 100% anonymous if you wish, we also let you become a member of our community, where you can create a public profile and add contacts (friends) from the random chat to your list.

Social community image
Message contacts


After adding contacts to your private list, the messaging system allows you to send messages to other users that you've added, view their profiles and remove contacts. Private messages are securely stored in our database so you can check them at any time.

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Random chat tips

Avoid filtering what you say

While you can talk to strangers in the random chat just saying "Hi" as an opener (the start of a conversation), why not share something you've seen today? Use the first impression to your advantage and set the tone of your conversation. If you become free right from the get go, then it'll be easier to let loose later on. Of course, in Speakrandom, you can always Next away to the next group of people.

Our random voice chat app (as well as text chat) encourages you to "speak random" (hence the name). Whether you want to talk in morse code or just asking what type of vegetable is their favorite, you are free to say whatever the hell you feel like (as long as you comply with the Rules above).

Avoid judging other people

This tip is well, the reverse of the coin from what you've read above. If people remove their filters more, then you'll realize that people are, well... weird - not in the bad sense though. Most of the time people think about really random stuff.
So what we ask you is that, if you hear a question such as "what is your favorite vegetable?", don't get surprised. This is how you also make friends easily, but chatting about things that you normally don't with random strangers.

Talk to Strangers Right Now!

Still reading? Wow, that's amazing in and on itself. But isn't it time to start chatting away? Then press that lovely orange button to get started.