Chatting tips | Speakrandom

Speakrandom is a place where you can quickly join and leave chat rooms whenever you feel like it. Because of this, understand that people won’t always stop chatting to hear introductions from everyone. The best mindset you can have is to believe you already know everyone there, so you don’t need to say “Hi”, or to introduce yourself.

You may also be wondering, “What if everyone’s silent!? What should I say!?”. We’ve observed that some people use Speakrandom to feel the presence of others, rather than talk actively. So silence is nothing to fear, and don’t worry, most of the time they will talk with you if you talk with them.

One last tip: always be cautious about what information you give out. We already mentioned that you can be as anonymous as you’d like, but that means you (and others) can be whoever you (or they) want.

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You are definitely a meticulous one, however, that's all there is for now. Better than reading on, why don't you join a few random chat rooms and see how it goes?