Deleting your account | Speakrandom


To delete your account on your phone, tap on your account profile picture on the top right corner. This will open your settings menu. Afterwards, tap on “My Account” as highlighted in the picture

Mobile Navigation

Afterwards, tap on the “Menu” button that shows up

Mobile My Account Navigation

Finally, tap on the “Delete Account” item, and follow the instructions presented

Mobile Delete Account Page


Deleting your Speakrandom account on a desktop computer is very straightfoward. Press on “My Account” in the right side menu. Once you see your profile, you will have access to the My Account menu, located at the left side.

Afterwards, press on the “Delete Account” item, and follow the instructions.

Desktop Navigation


The steps above account for any normal use case. Deleting your account should be very straightforward, however, if for some reason you are unable to do it or require support, please contact us at

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