Introduction to Speakrandom App | Speakrandom

The first time you visit the Speakrandom App, you will see a list of topics (rooms) which is created by people just like you.

You may only join a room after you have registered with us. This will give you other perks such as adding friends, chatting privately with other members, creating new rooms, as well as give you the ability to report other users.

To join a room you will need a microphone. This is because Speakrandom is mainly a voice social network. This means that as soon as you join a room others will be able to hear you. If you wish to text only or cannot speak for any reason, you will have to mute yourself after you join.

As you chat with users, you may want to follow a user and keep in touch after you both exit the room. You can do this by visiting the user’s profile and adding them as a friend, like the image shows.

Mobile My Account Navigation

That’s the gist of Speakrandom, make sure to explore other features as we have not written everything here!

If you have any issues or would like to suggest new features, we’re all ears! Send us an email to

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