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Why You Should Stop Giving Excuses

Have you been over-explaining yourself when it comes to why you can’t do something? Perhaps, you find yourself slipping into excuses to get yourself off the hook, but they leave you feeling depleted. It’s time to give it up and … Read More

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Charismatic people

8 Things Charismatic People Never Say

Some people are capable of lighting up a room as they walk in. They can make their audience or group feel special and important. Though you may find it hard to define, some individuals have it ingrained in them. They … Read More

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How to stop being lazy featured

Grit Your Teeth: How To Stop Being Lazy

“Grit Your Teeth” is a technique I devised to relentlessly overcome laziness and any other obstacle you have in the face of your goals. It’s the only thing that’s helped me stop being lazy. I’ve accomplished a few nice things … Read More

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Love or respect featured

Love or Respect – Which “Philosophy” Should You Follow

Throughout our life, we come across all kinds of people who take us on a roller coaster of emotions. From joy, love, respect to sadness, anger, or hate, we feel all these emotions daily! But among all these emotions, we … Read More

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