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Anime Memes: 🎀 Best Places to Grab Original Memes

Time for those juicy anime memes! I’ve written about funny usernames you can use online before, now it’s time to grab some funny anime memes.

Anime memes - Characters in anime

Initially, I was going to show the most amazing memes I found, but honestly, telling you places to look for them is probably the best as you’ll have an endless supply of them.

You can also find many of my “borrowed” memes all around the comment sections of the pages I’m about to show you… and in anime episodes… and in manga chapters.

Yes, I’m that mofo that has to post at least one meme in the comment of every episode I watch (or any manga chapter I read) to show my super important reaction to it. You’ve probably seen me in many Discus comments, and that’s the whole point of what I do – world domination.

All right, enough chatter, let’s get to it.

Anime Memes Tenor Gifs

Link: https://tenor.com/search/anime-meme-gifs/

Meme from Tenor GIFs
Naruto Ricardo Kurama
Source: Tenor GIF

If GIFs are something that you’re looking for on your quest for anime memes, then Tenor is probably the fastest way you can get them.

Whether you’re just looking for a quick laugh or to use them for the so-much-needed trolling, this is one of the best places to grab GIFs of some pretty funny anime memes.

The tone of these is mostly humor, which is something that I look for most of the time.

Not exactly what you’re looking for? Here’s my next recommendation my dear reader.


Link: https://www.reddit.com/r/animememes/

Anime memes subreddit
Every Confused harem anime mc
Source: Subreddit post

This one is definitely one of the top places to visit if you’re looking for really original memes. With around 100k followers as of this writing, you’ll be sure to get those juicy memes right off the box to post in the comment sections right away.

The one problem with Reddit for finding images is that you need to actually open each post to see the image better. All you have to go for on the list of posts are the titles, which might turn people off if they want something quicker.

Let’s take a look at yet another alternative.

Anime Memes Facebook Page

Link: https://www.facebook.com/animememes22/

“Anime memes” is the most popular meme sharing page in this field (on Facebook), with 180k followers as of this writing.

They release a new meme every few hours, so you have a big-ass archive of memes for your school projects here (lol).

If Facebook isn’t really your thing, check out the next one.

AnimeMemeDaily Twitter

Link: https://twitter.com/AnimeMemeDaily/

AnimeMemeDaily Tweet Meme
Source: Tweet

So we’ve got Reddit, Facebook, and now Twitter. Now you can’t say that I am biased towards one platform.

The memes they post here are more on the “interesting” side. The kind where you read and you smile at best (although humor is different for everyone). Good if you want to show your reaction to different things, and if you’re like me, to post on comment sections.

The update rate of AnimeMemeDaily is very random though. You can never expect a continuous streak like the previous two mentions.


Pinterest is also a viable option for your amazing research but I haven’t found one single board that shares anime memes (open to suggestions – post in comments!), so all you have to do is search for them

There are great Instagram accounts that share some funny anime memes as well, but I’m only sharing here because it’s hard to “borrow” them, so sharing is much more difficult, but anyway, here it goes:

Comment Sections

Examples pages to look for:

When I have more time, this is my main choice actually. Being one of the guys who share memes in the comment sections as well, I love checking these out. You get to keep in touch with the news and recent events in the anime industry at the same time.

The memes on the comment sections are usually the funniest and the best you’ll see around, merely because it’s hard to get the spotlight on the top comments.

However, I also put this as the last option because it’s time-consuming to do it, especially if all you want is a quick laugh or “borrowing” some memes.

That’s all, folks! If I’ve helped you in some way, please share this as it helps me get some exposure.

Also, if you’ve got an idea or you want to advertise your own page, be sure to comment below and I’ll check it out. If it’s cool I’ll add it to this post as well!

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