Breaking news: Messenger added!

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Hey dear users, hopefully you’re doing well! A couple days back we said we’d introduce features yesterday. Due to some technical problems, we had to postpone it for today.

If you were expecting to see these features added yesterday, thank you so much for following us, but since this is the beginning of Speakrandom, I hope you understand.

Anyway, in this version, you can add contacts (or friends) through the user profiles, like so:

Just tap “Add contact”, and the other user will instantly receive the notification that you requested to add the contact.

There are plenty more features to come in the future, so make sure to keep in touch!

Note: If you have found any bug or would like to send any kind of feedback, awesome! You can do that by going to My account (icon) > Send feedback. We definitely read all your messages, so talk to us!

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