The War against SPAM: Latest Update

Fellow soldiers, we’ve been observing the conversation flows and found that there’s a lot of SPAM going around on the public text chat messages. There are also reports that people fake whole text conversations by claiming they’re someone they’re not. … Read More


Breaking news: Messenger added!

Hey dear users, hopefully you’re doing well! A couple days back we said we’d introduce features yesterday. Due to some technical problems, we had to postpone it for today. If you were expecting to see these features added yesterday, thank … Read More

Version 2.1: Upcoming App Update

Dear brothers and sisters, we’ve heard your plead, and we’ll be introducing exactly what you’ve been asking for. This is what we’re going to introduce in this version: “Add contact” feature that allows you to add people from a chat … Read More

Speakrandom v2 Launched

There we go – we said we would do it, and we did. Are you feeling honored now? Great, so as promised, you can join us at our web app right now. We’re really excited to have you with us … Read More

Upcoming Speakrandom v2 Release!

Everything you need to know about the upcoming release: Speakrandom v2 … Read More