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How to be Funny: The 101 Crash Course

So you’re looking for tips on how to be funny. Awesome. Last time we talked about conversation starters you can use, now it’s time for yet another great subject. Want to make friends? Be funny. Need to get out of … Read More

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Conversation Starters: The Only 5 You’ll Ever Need

Before we delve into the conversation starters, let’s do a quick introduction. This is needed so you can get into the right mindset and really understand how everything comes together. Conversation is an art form that has been somewhat lost. … Read More

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3 Tips to Break the Ice When Chatting with Strangers

3 practical tips to boost your first impressions when talking to strangers! If you wonder how “naturals” chat with random people, you gotta check this out. … Read More

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How to Make Friends: A Complete Guide

This guide will teach you exactly how to make friends by giving you the core mindset of every friendship and actionable tips you can practice at home. … Read More

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Top 5 Ways to Sound More Interesting

We all worry that we should be more interesting. No one wants to be boring at parties, among our friends, or when we meet strangers. Here are the top 5 ways to sound more interesting. Prepare Yourself Half the battle … Read More

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