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Chat Avenue, similarly to Speakrandom, allows you to chat with random people. It features many different chat rooms that pair you with random strangers.

It was founded in 2000, making it one of the oldest free chat websites ever made.

All chats feature live text, audio, and video if you wish. You can also join public chats where everyone chips in with comments. All you need is to input your login or join as a guest with a username you want

There are no limitations for age, sex or race and all men, women, girls and boys are welcome to join.

Many options are available in terms of interests. Among the interests, their top listed ones are college chat, 18+ chat, and singles chat.

My 2 cents

Chat Avenue mentions that they have no age restriction, however, you need to be 13+ no matter what for security reasons.

As you can see from the screenshot, almost everyone go to the public chat. It is not very much considered a place to chat randomly with people.

It is a good place if you enjoy chatting through text more than with video camera or audio though.

They also have a forum so if you’re not sick enough of chatting already, you can do it more there on the forum. Also, if you’re not tired yet again of this you can go to their blog and post some more comments. If you do this, then if you’re not a true fan of Chat Avenue then I don’t know what is.

In websites like Sitejabber and Trustpilot that reviews Chat Avenue, it has a rating of 1* and 3,5* respectively (as of this writing). From personal experience and comments seen in the reviews, this is what people mention:


  1. Being one of the oldest chats, it has a very established community, with a lot of people to talk to.
  2. It is a fun place to make to chat for a while, especially if you befriend moderators and/or admins.
  3. If you’re looking to flirt, Chat Avenue markets itself with the ability to have 18+ conversations.
  4. Many modes and interests are available for you to chat about.
  5. Generally a nice place to spend time texting in a short term.
  6. Breaking the ice is easy as people are mainly already chatting about random stuff.


  1. The moderators (in general) kinda creepy and abusive with their power.
  2. Your freedom of speech is somewhat restricted to the moderator’s will as there are no clear rules of what you can or cannot say.
  3. For women, it is hard to make friendships since one of Chat Avenue’s main selling point is for men to find women in there.
  4. VIPs and those with higher power than normal members are (in general) somewhat bullies.
  5. You get solicited in private chats more often than not, especially not being a VIP
  6. It is a dubious place for children below 18 as the creepy factor is an issue.

Chat Avenue vs Speakrandom

Chat Avenue is mostly used as a public text chat. Its’ selling points are of building a community with everyone that exists on the chat.

Speakrandom is an audio chat by heart. It lets you chat with a group of people at random. There is no camera so everyone is the same in Speakrandom’s eyes.

Differently from Chat Avenue, moderation in our app is made in two ways:

  1. Through our administration system that doesn’t participate in conversations, so it’s unbiased towards people
  2. With you! Yes, you are able to vote to ban people out of the conversation. No user has more power than the other, so if someone gets enough votes, they can be banned from your room.

We are also not too keen on flirting. Here, you can and should make friends, but we don’t promote dating through our chat.

You can also check out our blog to, for example, get tips on how to make friends online.

Chat Avenue - Chat Example
Chat Avenue – Chat Example

Advice when using Chat Avenue

Our advice when using Chat Avenue:

  1. Avoid identifying or giving out personal information about yourself.
  2. Avoid using the site if you’re less than 18 years old. Although they mention that it’s fine if you’re 13+, all the adult vibe that Chat Avenue gives off is not something you probably will enjoy.
  3. As a girl you’re better off not revealing your gender at the beginning if you’re looking to make friendships. Again, with all the adult vibe going on there, some guys will throw some inappropriate jabs your way.
  4. Aside from the 18+ stuff, the chat rooms look for interesting things rather than, say humor or intellectual topics. If you adopt this style you’ll fit right in.


Usage by countries:

  1. United States
  2. United Kingdom
  3. Canada
  4. Australia
  5. India

Global classification: ~12K
Total visitors (avg): ~5M/month
Social presence:

  1. Youtube
  2. Twitter
  3. Instagram
  4. Reddit
  5. Facebook

Most common audience interests:

  1. Adult
  2. Social Networks & Online Communities
  3. Computers Electronics and Technology
  4. News & Media

They also possess a mobile app available on Google Play.

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