The desire to explore online chatting sites, interact with friends and family, and make new friends, is ever increasing with the hit of the pandemic. This is where sites like Chat Avenue or Chatzy come in.

Packed with tons of fun features, Chat Avenue fulfills all your wishes to interact with the outside world on a common platform! Whether you want to talk about a new recipe, the latest video games, or the hottest music release, you can readily access any Chat Avenue chatroom and start chit-chatting.

However, Chat Avenue does have the dating vibe which you find in many of these sites. If you are up for it, then it’s absolutely worth checking out.

About Chat Avenue

Did you know? Chat Avenue is one of the oldest online chatting sites! It first started as a free hosted chat website in the year 1999. Currently, the site is a leader in the realm of free online chatroom services and has a loyal user base from all around the world.

Ever since its official website domain registration in 2000, Chat Avenue has grown into one of the most popular and largest online chat communities. From the simplest topics like sports, video games, or music to hot stuff like dating and adult chats, Chat Avenue meets all individuals’ needs, regardless of their age, gender, race, or sexuality.

Chat Avenue boasts a total of 19 versatile chatrooms ranging from hobby topics to dating to just plain NSFW topics. We’ll discuss more on this in the latter part of the article.

The site has a massive user base from all over the world. However, you’ll most likely meet someone from any part of the world on Chat Avenue.

How do you use Chat Avenue?

Using Chat Avenue is as easy as pie! Design-wise, Chat Avenue is nothing like your everyday modern dating sites. It may also not be as attractive, but its simplicity is what makes Chat Avenue stand out from the rest. Even if you are not technologically sound, you can easily sign in, set up a profile, and start chatting on Chat Avenue.

When it comes to signing in, Chat Avenue allows you to log in as a regular user or an anonymous guest. All you need is to set up a password and username to enter all existing chatrooms. If you want to become an active user, you also can link your email id and upload a photo for your avatar.

Signing in and using Chat Avenue is pretty easy, thanks to its user-friendly interface!

Chat Avenue Community

Since Chat Avenue has a wide range of chatrooms, you can expect great diversity in its user base. From kids, teens, adults, men, women, to seniors, gays, lesbians, or singles, Chat Avenue is an active chatroom service for all kinds of people hailing from all corners of the world.

There are some ground rules for entering the Chat Avenue chatrooms. The general minimum age limit is thirteen years. However, different chatrooms have different age limits. For instance, Adult Chatroom requires its users to be 18 years and above. The age limit is strictly for safety purposes.

If you meet the age criteria, you can join any group and start chatting! Make sure to pick the appropriate chatroom according to your preference to avoid any hassle. Overall, Chat Avenue has a friendly user community. And you can easily find like-minded people to have any kinds of conversations and discussions.

Complete Features available on Chat Avenue

Chat Avenue offers a wide list of features, including setting up profile accounts and pictures as per your liking, chatting, video chatting, private messages, and adding people to the friend list. The site also allows you to share images publicly or privately, listen to your favorite music while chatting, leave voice notes for other members, and lots more!

To enjoy the one on one random live video and audio chats feature, you can go for the Cam Chatroom!

Chat rooms on Chat Avenue

As said earlier, Chat Avenue is popular for its versatile and outgoing chatrooms. People of all ages can find something they’re interested in! Let’s dive deeper into what each chatroom has to offer. You can read through and pick the one that suits you best!


As the name suggests, the college chatroom is an excellent place for young graduates or college students to come together and hold discussions on common topics. You can share experiences and seek help regarding school projects or college life in general.


The general chatroom is for the entire public. You don’t have to have a particular topic in mind for joining this chatroom. It is like a random chatroom. And you can join the conversation to talk about anything and everything!


Here is a chatroom solely for girls and girls alone! You can join this chatroom to spill all the beans. If there is anything you want to talk about without the presence of men, Girls Chatroom can be your escape!


Similar to the Girls Chatroom, here is a specific chatroom for the boys alone! You can join the chatroom and enjoy your men’s talk!


You can join this chatroom to discuss the latest music releases. You can also find people that share the same love and enthusiasm in music. And who knows! You might end up going to concerts and shows together!


Want to spice things up in life? Join the adult chat for unlimited conversations on adult topics! There are about 2000 users on Adult Chatroom regularly. Hence, you can easily find someone who is looking for the same thing as you! Note that you can join this group only if you’re 18 years and above.


Teenagers from all over the world are active members of Chat Avenue’s Teen Chatroom. You can connect with people from your age group and share similar life experiences and thoughts.


In Live Chatrooms, you can be a part of real-time conversations! This chatroom has about thirty online users on a regular basis. You can always find someone to talk about your problems and hold discussions on any topic.


Attracted to the same sex? Go ahead and join this Chatroom to find girls that like girls! Chat Avenue’s Lesbian Chatroom is a great alternative to contemporary dating apps that don’t provide separate chat features for different sexualities.


Like most Chat Avenue Chatrooms, you don’t need a specific topic or interest to participate in the mobile chat. Also, it doesn’t require any extra downloads on your phone. It simply means that all users are using the chatroom on their mobile browser.


Here is something super exciting for all the single ladies and men out there! You’ll notice that the Singles Chatroom is very easy-going and friendly. You can meet other singles here, make new friends or secure a date!


The Kids Chatroom is specifically for underage users (above 13 and below 18 yrs of age). For users under 13 yrs of age, parents’ supervision and permission are highly recommended.


If you like a more visual chatting experience, the video chatroom is all you need! However, note that you can only access this chatroom on your desktop, and it requires you to install Flash.

Video Games

This chatroom is for all the video game nerds and gaming enthusiasts out there. Find like-minded people and discuss the latest video game in town or any gaming related topics.


Cam chat is a fun way to have random video calls and chat with strangers worldwide. However, be careful while doing so and make sure not to exchange any personal information.


As we’ve mentioned before, here you can flirt, or find your next date! However, the Dating chatroom is not just for people looking for dates. You can also find married people or people who are in a relationship looking for dating advice.


Want a comfortable environment to discuss gay topics? You might want to join the Gay Chatroom! You can expect about a hundred online gay users daily.


Are you crazy about sports? So are thousands of people on Chat Avenue! Join the Sports Chatroom today and discuss the latest news and highlights about any sport.

What we like about Chat Avenue


One of the obvious things we like about Chat Avenue is its versatility and diversity. You can think of any random topic and find it on the site. Whether you want to talk about sports, music, food, video games, or dating, you can find dedicated chatrooms and easily be a part of the group! And for the topics that have no particular chatrooms, you always have the General or Mobile Chatrooms where you can talk about anything you like!

You can go for the Video Chatroom or Cam Chatroom if you don’t like texting and want to show off your personality through video chats. And for the ones wanting to explore the sexier things in life, you’ll want to move on to the NSFW topics.

We also like the fact that Chat Avenue has specific chatrooms for lesbians and gays. Most chatrooms do allow people of all sexuality to interact on their sites. However, not many have dedicated rooms and sites for specific sexuality.

Free of Cost

Though Chat Avenue is among the oldest online chatting sites, it has been a free website since day one. We see with most contemporary chatting sites that they require us to pay for a premium membership to access more benefits. However, this is not the case with Chat Avenue.

All chatrooms on the site are free to join as long as you meet the age requirement. Creating an account, signing in, setting up a profile, uploading photos; everything is free on Chat Avenue. Additionally, you can also freely add strangers to your friend list and send whispers and private messages!

Easy to use

Chat Avenue has a very simple and straightforward design. Anyone can access the website and join the chatrooms without any hassle!

What we didn’t like about Chat Avenue

Too many options to choose from

With a total of nineteen chatrooms. Hence, the options are many. Some users may find this feature pretty impressive as they can freely hop from one chatroom to another. But some may consider this a negative point.

Risky for underage users

Chat Avenue requires all its members to be 13 years and above. However, the availability of several chatrooms, including adult chatrooms and the freedom of entry, becomes quite risky for underage users.

It is not new for underage users to dip their hands in such free chatting and video call services. Since the nature of these online chatting sites remains open and easy-going, there’s no way to restrict people from lying about their age.

The only piece of advice from our side regarding Chat Avenue is to be very careful and aware of what you do on the site. Don’t go overboard and be safe!

Is Chat Avenue Safe?

Chat Avenue gives you the full freedom to set up your profile. Hence you are in complete control of what others can see on your profile. The site also requires nothing more than a username, password, and email id for entry. Hence, you don’t have to worry about privacy issues here.

Chat Avenue has been a loyal online chatting service for the last twenty years, and it continuously works to help protect the privacy and safety of its users. All chatrooms on Chat Avenue also have dedicated online moderators aiming to keep the chatting environment fun and safe. Thus, you can always report them to the concerned moderators in case of any misbehavior from other users.

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