Do you want to converse about random things with random people? Chathub it up!

There is an issue we all face sometimes. We want new faces to talk to. Discussing unplanned topics with people, we have never met before, gives us a specific feeling of satisfaction and joy. Chathub can help us with finding people who feel the same way!

Omegle was once one of the best platforms where we could talk to strangers. But who are we kidding? That website grew old a long time ago, and we are all ready for something new. A change that we all need. If you want to try something new with features like that of Omegle, Chathub is the answer for you.

Now we all know what kind of questions are coming next: what exactly is Chathub? Is it safe? Does Chathub really offer everything that we want in a chatting platform? Is it worth uninstalling Omegle for? Is it free? Will people find out who I am if I install Chathub on my devices? Are there any downsides to Chathub?

All these concerns are valid, and we judge no one for having them. Since there are many questions, let us not waste any more time and dive right into all of them in detail.

What is Chathub?

Chathub is a website that allows you to chat with strangers from all over the world. You can consider it to be an alternative to Omegle. Much like this veteran site, Chathub offers a safe place where people with similar interests come together to talk about anything they want.

There are three ways you can connect with other people in the chat room. The first is by text chatting where you can send each other messages via text. You can use emojis to express yourself too. The second method of conversing is by using the video chat option. You will need a webcam or front camera on your device for this option.

The third option that Chathub offers you in its new update is to make voice calls. Here, you can talk to strangers without showing your face. It is similar to a regular phone call except that the receiving end will be a stranger.

Chathub came into being in 2019 and shows no sign of slowing down with its success. There are several alternatives to Omegle. But based on some research, we can safely say that ChatHub is one of the few options that have the potential to overtake the old app.

According to the data that we have collected thus far, more than ten million people chat with each other every month on this website. The fact that everything on this chatting website can be anonymous based on your preference has made it a favorite amongst users.

More about Chathub

Let us now get into the features of Chathub:

  • Random video chatting

You can chat with random people from all around the world. As mentioned earlier, you can connect with people and talk through text messages or video calls. Chathub does its best to give you the fastest connection possible so that your conversations do not lag. You will even be able to send or receive pictures using this app.

  • It is free

Anyone interested in using Chathub can directly start using it without making a payment of any sort. Other alternatives require fees to get access to some features and filters, but it is not so with Chathub. Everything is free and easy.

  • It is easy to use

There is no registration that you need to do to use Chathub. If you have the app or go to their official website, you can start chatting with strangers straight away. This instant chat feature without the need to log in makes it an ideal choice for you. It saves time and gives us a sense of security.

There is an option for you to add the website to your home screen so that you can get into the website quickly the next time. The application is available for your phone or tablet too.

  • It is safe and secure.

Many people are worried about whether the information that they share on Chathub is safe. After all, we have heard about the dangers of sharing our details on the internet. Chathub is entirely safe for anyone above the age of 18. Since you do not have to enter any details and register, nothing you do not wish to share goes online.

Chathub will never record or save any video call or text messages on their server. Everything you say or do will go to the other person on the receiving end but disappear entirely after that. This chatting platform will never ask for your personal details.

  • It offers anonymity 

Some people do not like to share anything about themselves to other people they just met. Chathub is perfect for these people because you are completely anonymous. The stranger who matches with yourself will not even know your name unless you decide to tell them yourself. Can anything get more incognito than that? 

  • No twice match feature.

When you come to Chathub, it is because you want to chat with strangers or people you have never met before. However, sometimes, you match with the same person multiple times. This goes against your purpose of joining Chathub. But don’t worry. It has a solution for you. 

Once you turn on the “no twice match” feature, the chatting platform will not let you match the same person again. The next person you have a conversation with will always be a new user. 

  • Language filter 

Chathub has users worldwide, and there is no doubt that people from different countries speak in different languages. Easy communication is important, especially if you are talking to a stranger for the first time. The language filter feature allows you to choose the dialect of your choice. 

  • Gender filter

Do you have a preference for what gender you want to match and interact with? Chathub provides its users with a gender filter to choose the sex of your target audience. The good thing about this feature is that you have the option to turn it on or off. If you do not mind either gender, you do not have to set your preferences.

  • Interest filter 

There is an “interest filter” on Chathub that filters the people you match based on your interests. For example, if you have listed cars as one of your interests and set it as one of the filters, you will match other people interested in cars. 

There are many users of Chathub, and each person may have different interests. Therefore, this filter makes your job easier and does not waste time with users you might never vibe with.

What can a person do with Chathub?

The primary purpose of Chathub is to chat with strangers. Here are some more things you can do with Chathub:

  • Learn more about people

One of the most effective ways to broaden your knowledge of things you are interested in is to talk about them with people. Of course, we can speak to our friends too, but chatting with strangers will give us the opportunity to get more insight into our interests.

  • Make new friends

Chathub is a place that offers the perfect environment to create new friendships that can last forever. Making new friends is always a happy experience. We do not need a thousand friends, but finding someone who shares the same interests and views is something we cannot belittle.

  • Online dating

In a world where almost everything takes place in the virtual and digital world, online dating is nothing new. There are dating websites and apps too, but Chathub allows you to video chat with strangers and get to know them better in a short period. If you vibe with a stranger on the first interaction, you can exchange details and see where it goes from there.

  • To pass time

Many people go on Chathub for the sole purpose of killing time. We all get bored at times, and instead of doing nothing, it is better to socialize and get something out of a conversation. Even if it is not a discussion about something profound, if it makes you happy, that is all that matters.

Things to keep in mind while using Chathub

There are a few rules and regulations that all users of Chathub should follow and keep in mind:

  • Be respectful

Do not use disrespectful language while chatting with strangers. Chathub is a place where anyone can come to express themselves freely, but not at the expense of another person’s interests and feelings. While talking with a camera, keep everything according to the moral rules. 

  • Do not engage in discriminating conversations. 

A few topics like religion, politics, and gender, might spark heated debates and end up badly. Try to refrain from unproductive conversations, and that will only lead to hurting the other person’s sentiments. Always be sympathetic and king. 

  • Do not advertise

Chathub requests you not to promote your own brand or share URLs of websites and businesses. This is unethical and not appreciated.

  • Underage users are not allowed. 

You are not allowed to use any service that Chathub provides unless you are 18 years old. 

What we really liked about Chathub

Check out the things the users love about this fantastic alternative for Omegle:

  • Free of cost: Chathub does not ask for any fees or payments. You can enjoy all the features of this app for free. 
  • Multiple filter options: Chathub knows that people have different preferences. And in an attempt to satisfy all of them, they have provided us with filters that help us choose our own language, gender preference, and even the things we are interested in. 
  • Safe environment: Chathub does not ask for any personal information and makes sure that your calls and texts disappear after matching. They do not hold on to any information that you send over the calls and messages. 
  • Easy to use: There is no need for anyone to register or log in. All you have to do is go to the official website or app and agree to start chatting with strangers.
  • Completely anonymous: It goes without saying that you can hold an entirely unknown identity on Chathub unless you reveal yourself. 
  • Fast connection: This chatting platform provides quick links to make sure that your conversations with other people go smoothly. The last thing anyone wants is a slow and laggy discussion about something you like. 
  • Endless conversations: There is no one to stop you from chatting with a person for as long as you want. 
  • Massive user base: Many people use Chathub. Thus, you have multiple options regarding those you can match and chat with. 

What we didn’t really like about Chathub

There is not much that we do not like about Chathub. However, like any other chatting platform that allows a person to talk to another person, it is not very safe for underage users. The website has set a minimum age of 18 years. But some people join illegally and expose themselves to dangerous situations. 

As for the application available for phones and tablets, there are several bugs that might disturb your experience. Chathub continues to improve itself and get rid of these bugs and solve the issues with every update. 

Final thoughts 

Chathub is one of the best ways to make new friends and talk about things that you never had the chance to. We don’t always have to stick to what we know. If we shy away from getting out of our comfort zone, we can never experience life to the fullest. Chat with some strangers today and broaden your horizon of fun.

We really cannot ask for anything more than a free and safe atmosphere where we can express ourselves freely without getting judged. Download Chathub and start your journey today!

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