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Chatki: Tips & Tricks You Should Know

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Chatki is a random video chat powered by Chatrandom. You’ll see a lot (and trust me when I say a lot) of similarities with Chatrandom.

Chatrandom by itself is similar to Omegle and Chatroulette (if you’ve ever used them before). You basically chat using video and text chat on the side.

It offers the same filters as many other websites, such as gender and country filtering.

Tip #1: Chatki = Chatrandom

Speakrandom is all about chatting. Real chatting. We give credit when it’s due, but we also put others on blast when need be.

Seriously, I don’t understand the point of creating the exact replica of Chatrandom. There’s not a single difference between the two. I don’t know whether this is the works of the people who made Chatrandom or not, but this is the deal by now.

So, going to Chatrandom or Chatki is the same honestly.

You could even ask if the user base is different. Nope, it’s the same. I’ve tested and once found the same guy on both Chatki and Chatrandom.

I believe Chatki is used to increase the reach of Chatrandom – I don’t know, nor do I care.

Nonetheless, chatting online, when done well, always has its’ benefits.

With this in mind, the tips that follow will also apply to Chatrandom.

Chatki Screenshot Edited
Chatki Website Screenshot (edited)

Tip #2: Select the best time to start chatting

Let’s say you want to talk to people from the USA. The best time to do so is by 8~9PM their time (UTC -8:00 / -7:00 in California).

Why is that? Well, because most people are bored at that time, so you’ll have a higher chance of having good conversations.

Likewise, if you go into the chat at 2 AM of their time, you’ll be finding more “suspicious” people. This is something that should be obvious but many forget (or just don’t care).

The tip here is not to wait for the right time to access Chatki, but rather to use the country filter and place yourself in a country where it’s 8~9 PM to access better users.

Tip #3: Use lighting to your advantage

Unlike Chatroulette or Omegle, there’s no clear limit to using the Next button (every time I tested I could simply press next all the time).

This makes it harder to catch the attention of people and it becomes frustrating at times.

The tip here to prevent so much “Nexting” is to use good lighting. This is a concept that applies to photography in general. Better lighting = more positive mood.

Positive mood in turn catches people more easily.

Of course, besides this you could also:

  • Use catchy/funny cam filters (don’t overdo it otherwise you’ll just have meaningless troll conversations)
  • Say something random before you even introduce yourself (clickbaiting)
  • Do an activity while chatting (I’ve seen some people playing the guitar, playing the piano, playing a game and showing it to the camera). Motion is always catchy.

Of course, knowing how to break the ice and knowing how to maintain a conversation will increase the time a person sticks to you.

Quick links:

  • Chatki main page: here
  • Chatrandom main page: here

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