Have you come across the classic chatroom site, Chatzy? Are you wondering if you’ll successfully make new friends on this site? Let me tell you straight; you can! However, Chatzy is nothing like your everyday contemporary online messaging apps like Skype and Facebook.

Chatzy can surely be a great alternative to such social networking sites. But when it comes to how it works or looks, Chatzy gives off a completely different vibe. Is it good? Yes! Is it for you? Well, you can decide that once you read our well-researched review.

We tested the site just to explore all the features offered by Chatzy. We’ll list down everything that you can expect from this Europe-based online chatting service.

About Chatzy

Chatzy is not an exclusive hookup or dating site. What you simply do in Chatzy is open an account, create a chatroom or join one, and start chatting! It’s very similar to Chat Avenue, if you’ve ever been there. It shares some commonalities with Emerald Chat as well. You can create chatrooms with your friends or family. Or, you can join random chatrooms that interest you and interact with new people.

You can use the site either for educational, business purposes, or just for fun. It all depends on you!

Chatzy was first started by some Internet enthusiasts and professionals around 2001. It started small but grew into a small organization in Europe. Today, people from all over the world use Chatzy for different purposes.

Some people use Chatzy’s free chatrooms for educational/ work purposes. Some use it to discuss interesting topics, and some go for it simply to meet new people with similar interests and make new friends. Regardless of the reason, Chatzy is a free chat service that everyone can use, no matter where they hail from!

It is quite expensive to start and run an authentic chat website. Hence, the developers reserve a little space in all the chat rooms for posting single commercial ads and messages. This way, they earn to keep the website going and keeping things free for their users. 

However, if you want to enjoy other services along with free chatting, you can always pay for a Premium Service. 

What Makes Chatzy Special?

You can find several online apps and sites that offer free online chat services. But what features make Chatzy special? Are there any unique features offered by Chatzy? Yes, there are!

Here are some of the special features offered by Chatzy that sets it apart from the rest of the crowd:

Private Messages:

Chatzy is not about group discussions and chatroom messaging alone. You also have the option to send private messages to any member of the chatroom. These private messages are only visible to you and the other member, not even room administrators. 

Private messages will be immediately delivered to the concerned person when they are online. Hence, this way, you can use Chatzy as a regular instant messaging app.

However, note that the private messaging feature is only available to premium users and in premium rooms.

Silence Newbies:

Since any Chatzy user can enter all chatrooms with or without invitations, the ‘Silence Newbies’ features become essential. Why? Because by using this feature, you can mute any user who enters your chatroom without an invitation. 

Premium rooms automatically mute newbies. Along with new members, you can also silence registered users (members for less than 24hrs) and unregistered users.

Visitor Status:

What is the visitor status? It is a personal message that you can add on the Visitor List. You can use this space to explain the purpose of the chatroom, or anything that you may like. All visitors and members can read the status/ message whenever they place the cursor on the visitor icon. 

And the best part is you can change the visitor as many times as you want. All you have to do is type the following commands:

/status – Using this, you can update your status.

/away – You can type this command to set an away message. Through this, you can keep other members updated on what you’re up to and when you’ll return.

/leave – You can exit the room and leave a message with this command. 

Preview Mode:

The Preview Mode is a special feature for chatroom moderators and administrators alone. Using the preview mode, they can follow any conversation or create a new chat without being noticed. Meaning, when administrators or moderators enter the chatroom in the preview mode, it won’t trigger the system.

Global Messages:

This is another special feature room for moderators and administrators. The global messages feature is identical to private messages. However, the only difference is that only chatroom moderators and administrators can send these messages directly to all members.

Closing the Chat Temporarily:

The moderators and administrators of any chatroom can close the chatroom temporarily whenever they are offline. This feature is mostly for security reasons. For closing the chat temporarily, you can type ‘/close.’ And to reopen it, you can use the command’/open.’

Multiple Choice Questions:

Chatzy features an exciting MCQ feature where the moderators, administrators, or any member of the chat room can ask questions. The MCQs can be both polls and questions. And all members can answer it. Also, until the question gets replaces or closed, members can change their responses as many times they want.

Note that you can ask only one question at a time!

Room Board:

The room board is a small dedicated area at the top of every chatroom. In this space, you can see a message (usually a room rule) set by the moderator or administrator. Even chat room members can set this text. However, for that, you need to change the settings under Room Properties.

Room board feature is available in usual as well as premium rooms. However, there is no limitation on the number of times you can modify and change the text in premium rooms.

Locally Saved Messages:

Under the Locally Saved Messages feature, you can find all the personal messages you have received and sent (in all chatrooms). You can review these messaged under “My Messages.”

Ignore Visitors:

You’re going to love this feature. Often, you may come across annoying people and spammers in chatrooms. And all you need is the ‘ignore visitors’ options to stay away from them.

By using this feature, you can block all personal messages and new posts from selected visitors. 

How is the Chatting Scenario in the Chatrooms?

Chatzy is a versatile online chatting site. Trust us! You can find chatrooms on almost any topic you can think of! And for the ones you can’t find, you can always create it!

You can join any chatroom you’re interested in, from skiing, hiking, cooking to movies, trends, or fashion. Or, you can create your own chatroom and add your friends, family, and even allow strangers to join the group. This way, Chatzy becomes a great site to meet new people who share the same interests as you! Isn’t that amazing?

If you think Chatzy is just a place of chit chat and won’t help you explore the spicier and sexier things in life, you might want to rethink! Yes, of course, Chatzy is a place of chatting with people you know and strangers from around the world. But Chatzy can definitely get as spicy as you want! 

Are you a BDSM fan? Do you want to know more about Japanese bonding? Want to discuss and share adult movies and shows? Anything! You can find all sorts of hot chatrooms and be a part of it or create one. This way, you may meet another member who is just as fascinated and excited as you! Did you know? Some Chatzy users even say that as compared to other adult apps, you can find a partner quicker in Chatzy!

Now, let us have a look at how you can enter your preferred chatrooms. First, you can type the topic you’re interested in the search bar. You can find a list of chatrooms, people, and issues in and around your taste. Then, you can simply click on one option and start communicating.

Note that different rooms have different rules and privacy options. Hence, you may not be able to join a conversation or a group right after you enter the chatroom. You need to send a private message to the administrator or moderator for such rooms and get permission for entry.

If you wish to create a chatroom of your own, you’ll be glad to know that it is completely free of charge for everyone. You’ll just have to pay for the premium subscription if you want to enjoy the extra benefits. Let us now discuss the premium features available on Chatzy.

Premium Features

There are two types of premium subscriptions, including Premium User and Premium Room. The Premium User subscription is a better option for individuals who spend a lot of time on Chatzy but are not the chatroom’s creators. On the other hand, a Premium Room subscription is beneficial for people who create and maintains several chatrooms.

All the payment transactions for the premium subscription take place through PayPal. It is an eBay company that is completely authentic and safe. Hence, you do not have to worry about the safety of your credentials.

Here are the benefits that come along with a Premium User subscription:

  • No advertisements – Sometimes, advertisements can get irritating. However, with a premium subscription, you can bid farewell to all kinds of promotions and banners.
  • Unrestricted areas – Usually, a free chatroom can have a limited total of ten members. But if you are a premium user, you can enter all free chatrooms whether or not the ten spots are filled.
  • Unlimited lists – You can view as many items on the lists under Room Visitors and Personal rooms.
  • Faster updates – You’ll get quicker responses.
  • Private Messages – You can send or receive an unlimited number of private messages.
  • No timeouts – The system won’t log you out from any chatroom even if you remain inactive for more than an hour.

Premium Features for Premium User subscriptions:

  • No advertisements – No more banners, ads, and promotions on chat fields.
  • Hosting on your blog or site – You can set the chatroom on your blog in whatever way and design you want. You also have the option not to use the Chatzy logos.
  • Private Messages – Visitors and members of your chatroom can exchange unlimited private messages. You can set this under Room Properties.
  • Complete chat history – As a room administrator, you can recall all deleted chats. Also, visitors and members can view the entire chat history.
  • Unlimited visitors – In premium free rooms, you can have an unlimited number of visitors and members.
  • Custom room URL – Administrators of premium rooms can set a permanent room address such as chatzy.com/YourName.
  • Faster updates – Messages will appear quicker. 
  • No timeouts – There are no automatic timeouts in premium rooms. Only administrators can send away visitors whenever they want to.

Is Chatzy Safe?

Chatzy is absolutely safe! For one, the site isn’t interested in storing your bio or personal details except for the username. Hence, there is no way it’ll share anything about you to third parties or other users. Additionally, there are no options for setting up a profile picture or share anything about yourself on your account. Hence, there’s no way for people to find your identity or trace you.

If you’re interested in someone, the only thing you can do is talk and share information in private messages. However, we recommend you to be extremely cautious while doing so to stay away from scammers and frauds.

Another thing is, every chatroom receives a unique ID number for security and privacy reasons. The IDs can vary from 0 to a trillion. Hence, unless someone can guess your exact ID from a trillion options, nobody can access your chatrooms. And that’s highly unlikely!

Last but not least, Chatzy operates on JavaScript and on the website itself. Hence, it doesn’t require you to install any applications or programs. This way, you do not have to worry about Chatzy crashing your system or transferring a virus. If you can rely on your Internet browser, you can totally trust Chatzy!

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