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Chatzy: The Complete Guide to Chat Rooms

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Chatzy started out in 2001 as an experiment by a couple of Internet professionals with various full-time occupations but has since grown into a small dedicated organization based in Europe. For legal information, please refer to their Terms of Use.

It offers free chat rooms for everyone. Private or public, you can easily build and manage your own communities. You can also join other chat rooms without registering in the website which is neat.

Besides the free option, they offer a paid plan (premium chat) to get more features such as unlimited people in the room and you can also attach a custom domain to it.

If you’re not into creating and managing rooms and just want to chat randomly with strangers, you can join many free public chat rooms which are available as different categories, such as “roleplay” or “anime” if that floats your boat.

My 2 cents

So, why am I talking about Chatzy here on Speakrandom? What is random about it?

Well, as mentioned above, you can search for chat rooms all over the internet hosted by Chatzy. Since you don’t need registration to participate in the chats as a user, you can simply join a public channel that appears on their search.

Top searches on Chatzy public rooms:

Now, be careful when searching on the depths Chatzy. There are a lot of trolls and suspicious people wandering around these places. You can probably have the underground feel by just looking at the design of the website. It’s a very old-school space, reminding of the early days of dial-up modems.

From personal experience, joining a website is like Russian roulette with 3 bullets on the revolver: 50% chance of landing a cool chat, 50% of landing a suspicious chat room, but when you do land a cool one that is still active, you can’t help but stay in there for a long time, chatting about a million things.

Chatzy and Speakrandom

Chatzy’s concept is to join public chat rooms. It is a great place if you enjoy “adventuring” into the world of chats. The community of people is also something that you need to consider. The owners are people just like you and they will be biased when judging. This might be a good thing for you depending on the situation.

Speakrandom and Chatzy don’t need to be competitors per se, rather, complementary to each other. If you enjoy audio chatting and calling random strangers, while still holding the ability to text, then Speakrandom is for you. If you’re looking for interest-based text chatting, then Chatzy can help you out on that matter.

Chatzy - Make a Chat Example
Chatzy – Create a Chat Example

Advice when using Chatzy

Our advice when using Chatzy:

  1. Avoid identifying or giving out personal information about yourself.
  2. Avoid using the site if you’re less than 18 years old. The (extremely) suspicious people that are on some chats are enough to make you think about throwing your computer in the trash.
  3. Don’t spend too much time trying to find out if a chat is good or not. Start chatting right away (keeping the things mentioned here in mind) and see how that feels. Are the people cool, and make an effort to integrate you? Then keep going.

From the reviews that Chatzy has on Sitejabber, you can definitely see what I’m talking about here. Although it hosts many suspicious people, you just need to be careful when connecting and handing over personal information about yourself, nothing else much. If you avoid that, then you can definitely and surely enjoy great conversations based on your interests.


Usage by countries:

  1. United States
  2. United Kingdom
  3. Canada
  4. Australia
  5. India

Global classification: ~12K

Total visitors (avg): ~5M/monthSocial presence:

  1. Youtube
  2. Twitter
  3. Instagram
  4. Reddit
  5. Facebook

Most common audience interests:

  1. Adult
  2. Video Games Consoles And Accessories
  3. Social Networks And Online Communities
  4. Computers Electronics And Technology

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