Let’s talk About Emerald Chat! Here’s everything you need to know about it.


Texting and chatting sites and platforms have always been a great hit from the get-go. People have always gravitated towards online chatting because it’s super fun and a great stress buster. What makes online chatting very popular is the fact that many of the sites offer anonymity as well. With just a click of a button, strangers can virtually connect with many other users and engage in fun-filled conversations or even have serious conversations. There’s absolutely no limit or rules when it comes to online chatting. 

Over the last couple of years, many online chatting apps have come to vogue. It’s no surprise that there are many kinds of chatting platforms today, such as Facebook, WhatsApp, and even Instagram, but they tend to get boring at times. And with recent developments and having to stay mostly indoors, chatting online is a great way to kill boredom and milk some fun and entertainment. 

About Emerald Chat

Are you looking for a great alternative to connect with strangers and have a blast exchanging texts? If yes, then Emerald Chat is a great option. Emerald Chat is one of the newest and best alternatives to Omegle, Shagle, or Chathub. It enables users to connect and talk with other users from around the globe. It is the most popular alternative of Omegle on the web right now! 

What’s great about Emerald Chat is that there are no bots. In most of the platforms, bots seem to be present and ruin the experience of online chatting. Rest assured, this is not the case with Emerald Chat. Developers have worked hard to create anti-bot measures.  

Are you tired of being idle at home? Do you want to have fun and make new friends? If the answer is yes, then head on over to Emerald Chat. It’s a platform full of new people waiting to interact with you virtually. You’re guaranteed to have a great time seeing new faces and talking about anything and everything. Emerald Chat offers especially the younger generation a great escape from the age-old chatting sites. 

You might ask, why not just use Facebook or other messaging apps? Let me tell you that Emerald Chat is completely different. Although they’re all messaging apps, there are many added functions and benefits of using Emerald Chat. Below we will list some of the key features and benefits offered by Emerald Chat. 

If you’re nervous about starting Emerald Chat, there is so need to be. It is very simple to use and navigate. Most of the chatting apps these days are riddled with too many settings and options that confuse people. But Emerald Chat is simple and very easy to get the hang of.

The first thing you have to do is sign up. For this, all you need is your email address, and you’re good to go. You have to remember you’re email and password to log in after you’ve logged out. It only takes a few minutes to create and set-up your account. After all the initial set up is done, you are ready to start chatting and meeting new people from all parts and corners of the world. 

Once you set up your profile, you need to set up your webcam. It’s fairly simple, and once your webcam is ready, you’re all set to start chatting with people, you know. Or you can also chat with strangers whom you find interesting.

One of the best things about Emerald Chat is that you can customize your profile. If you’re wondering why you should customize your profile, let me tell you why! When you personalize your profile, Emerald Chat helps you connect with people with similar interests and likings. The matching system of Emerald Chat takes your interests into account when matching you up with strangers to chat with! 

Why use Emerald Chat?

There are so many chatting apps out there, so why use Emerald Chat? What makes Emerald Chat so great? Is it safe to use, and is it easy to navigate? We have the answers to all your doubts and questions. 

Here are some of the stand out features of Emerald Chat that makes it a great competitor of the many other online chatting platforms. 

Frequent Updates

Although people don’t usually like updates bothering them, Emerald Chat receives frequent updates. These updates are important as they carry crucial tweaks and changes to improve user interface and fix user issues. 

This ensures that Emerald Chat devotes to serving its users the best possible version of the platform. It enables the user to experience problem-free messaging without any hiccups in between that ruin the chatting experience. 

Interest-Based Matching System

In Emerald Chat, you can easily customize your profile. What this does is help Emerald Chat identity the kind of users you interact with. When you customize your profile and add certain likes and dislikes, Emerald Chat uses that information to match you up with similar people. 

Is your goal to chat and meet like-minded people? Do you wish to encounter users with the same likes and interests as you? If yes, then Emerald Chat is designed for your needs. It takes into consideration your interests and matches you with users with similar interests! 

Adding Friends

We all know most of the online chatting platforms generate random strangers to chat with. Not only that, but most of the chats are one time, and it gets difficult to encounter the same user again. But Emerald has this problem covered. You might ask how? It’s simple; Emerald Chat offers the add friend option.  

Using the add friend option, you can easily make permanent friends as well. If you’ve interacted with someone fun or interesting and want to chat again, simply add them. By adding them, you can chat with them any time you want. 

One on One messaging

Some people crave for one on one conversations rather than being in a group. Well, Emerald Chat offers one on one messaging. This is great for people who want to chat with a single person. This option is also great for people who are shy and nervous at first to be in group chats. 

The one on one messaging also provides a more personal vibe. You get to know the other person better. 

One on One Video Calling

Don’t wish to video chat with a large group? Are you nervous about video calling and chatting with a lot of people? Don’t worry! Emerald Chat has a one on one video chat option. Similar to one on one messaging, you can get more personal.

It is a great way to ease into the chatting platform and get the hang of it. You can also end the conversation anytime you wish to. 

Group Messaging

Everyone will attest to the fact that group chats are some of the best experiences. You never know what someone is going to send or how someone will react. It always keeps you on your toes and tests your wits.

Group messaging is a great way to interact and get to know many people at the same time. If you’re not very shy or reserved and outspoken, group messaging might be your thing! 

Age and Gender Filter

We’re all guilty of having personal preferences, and there is no denying that. And one of the best things about Emerald Chat is it recognizes this very behavior and offers its many users the option to filter people by age and gender.

Many chatting platforms do not offer such filters, and users get matches with random people. But if you don’t want to be matched and chat with a specific gender or people of a specific age group, you can always use the age and gender filter!

Photo and Media Sharing

Sometimes even the best of the best chats become boring. The same old black and white texts no longer seem fun or appealing. To solve this issue and make the chatting experience more fun, Emerald Chat has photo and media sharing options. 

With this option, users can send and receive photos and other kinds of media files. This will definitely add to the fun and make chats more lively and interesting. You can share the latest funny photo or videos or even your own pictures and spice things up!

Moderated and supported at all times

It does not come as a surprise that there will always be one or two people creating a nuisance. If such is the case, and you don’t tolerate such things, you can always contact the moderators. Moderators are there to listen to your problems and help resolve them. 

If you face any issue with the app itself or receive unwanted things in your chat, the moderators will always assist you. They are quick to respond, and you do not have to worry! They will definitely get the job done. 

Works on various phones

Unlike some of the chatting platforms which you can only use on a specific version of a specific phone, Emerald Chat works with many mobile devices. Whether you use iOS or Android devices, you can use Emerald Chat. 

This is what makes it great as it caters to a large group of people. People can use the app with basically any phone with a good internet connection. There is no need for additional requirements. All you need is your phone with preferably a camera and solid internet connectivity. 

Why was Emerald Chat Created?

Come to think of it; there are many messaging and chatting apps out there today. Some of these messaging apps are very popular, with a user base of more than millions. So why make another chatting app when there is plenty of it already? It’s simple, it tries to fill the gaps and cavities present in many of the contemporary chatting apps. All in all, it’s a very modern take and a modern twist on age-old chatrooms.

The main goal kept in mind while creating Emerald Chat was to help people connect and make new friends. Today’s world is very fast-paced and has become so much work-centric that there is little time to socialize or mingle. It takes a toll on mental health as well. As such, it offers a great escape from the hustle and bustle of life.

If taking time out and meeting people in real life gets difficult for you, Emerald Chat is just the thing you need in your life. It’s a fun and safe way to meet new faces, interact with them, and potentially become even lifelong buddies. 

Current chat rooms on the web are either poorly maintained or are infested with bots. This becomes quite frustrating and not a good experience at all. And with the demand for websites that connect people in a platonic way are increasing, Emerald Chat fits in perfectly like a glove. 


There are many people out there who want to connect with other people. But meeting new people and having conversations seem to be impossible because we live in a fast-paced world. This is where technology aids us, and platforms like Emerald Chat become useful.

The fact that you can use Emerald Chat from any mobile device makes it extremely versatile. You can virtually connect with anyone from anywhere. It does not matter where you live or where you work. You just have to create an account, sign in, and start chatting! 

Limitations imposed in geography in real life does not matter. You can connect with anyone from across the globe who uses Emerald Chat. Find people with similar interests and start chatting with them. Who knows? It might lead to a great friendship, partnership, or something even more. 

With many users using it and being satisfied, Emerald Chat has come a long way. But the best thing is that it keeps on getting better. User feedback and inputs are cherished and heard, and accordingly, changes take place to improve the chatting

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