Funny Usernames: Best 40 List to Use Online

So you’re looking for funny usernames to make an impact in your online presence. It’s good that you’re trying to stand out from the crowd. Usernames like DeadlySinner3 are forgotten easily.

Source: Imgur

By the way, at the end of this list, I’ll tell you the secret to creating great and funny usernames that catch the attention easily.

Also, these work for almost all cases: games, forums, chats, etc… Take your pick. Some of them I’ve used myself multiple times.

  1. CmenDmen
  2. NoName
  3. DigBick
  4. Something
  5. HowRU
  6. HelloItsMe
  7. Over9000
  8. Error
  9. ImYourFather
  10. YourMentor
  11. CleaningMan
  12. Confidential
  13. UninstallPls
  14. PressAltF4
  15. GGEZ
  16. DontKillMe
  17. ItWasntMe
  18. SupNerds
  19. HELPME
  20. PlsThankYou
  21. JoodGob
  22. MasterBaiter (or MasterBait)
  23. FreeHacks
  24. iPony
  25. Math101
  26. NoViolence
  27. PeacePls
  28. IllBeGentle
  29. IWontBite
  30. 420Rule
  31. ExpertNerd
  32. FreeHugs
  33. TurdOfWisdom
  34. AskMeAnything
  35. OrigamiMaster
  36. Player1 (2, 3, 4, 5, 6, etc…)
  37. Anon3641 (or any other random number)
  38. Google (Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, etc…)
  39. Mom (Dad, Sister, Brother, etc..)
  40. DonaldTrump (VladimirPutin, XiJinping, etc…)
Funny image strip showing if real names were like usernames
Source: Imgur

Now, as a bonus, I’ll tell you the trick to come up with funny usernames yourself. Yes, this is a skill that you too can master. Once learned, you’ll be able to unleash the secret arts of funny username creation.

If you want a quick way to do it, just grab a category (such as animals, brands, celebrities) and pick the most famous ones.

E.g: Using animals, you could pick “Horse”. Just that.

This example is simple and intriguing as people will look at it and think, “…why?” That’s the kind of reaction you want to get. This way, your name will be much more memorable.

Easy eh? Now, go on and try it yourself. Have fun with it.

Most important of all, choose a username that you laugh, without caring much if others will enjoy it. If others enjoy it the same as you do, then you’ll have bigger chances to create easier friendships online.

Besides the username, I have another secret for you. Check out one of the previous posts that tell you how to make friends, online or offline easily. That will combine well with your newfound username.

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