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How to Not Be a Boring Texter

In our today’s world, picking up your smartphone to make an actual call has turned into an extremely stressful experience. 61% of millennials try to completely avoid calls and 76% have anxious thoughts whenever they hear the phone ring.

But who even needs these calls, when you can text, right?

We use the written word (spiced up with emojis, of course) to talk to our family, friends, and even teachers and bosses. Texting has become one of our main types of communication. And, naturally, you don’t want people to find your messages annoying or dull.

So, how to not be a boring texter? Here are a few useful tips (thank us later).

Try these conversation starters out

Sometimes, starting the conversation is the biggest challenge out of them all. Instead of coming up with a plain ‘how are you?’ try switching things up a bit.

  • Have you heard the latest news?!

  • The weather is so miserable today. If you could be anywhere right now, where would it be?

  • Could you please recommend a movie for me to watch today? I ran out of ideas…

Make references to something that they have mentioned

How to not be a boring texter? A great way to start and continue a conversation is by asking the person you are texting about something that he or she had already mentioned before.

  • How was your exam?

  • Did you like that movie you watched yesterday?

  • How is your grandma feeling? Is she better now?

You are not just being polite. It’s a great way to show the person that you care about them. And such texts will never be labeled as ‘dull’.

Use emojis to express your emotions

Unfortunately, just words are not really good at expressing our true feelings. One phrase can have absolutely different meanings - it all depends on the intonation.

So, to make sure that your text partner understands what you want to say, take advantage of emojis.

Use emojis to play games

To make the whole conversation more exciting, you can come up with your own jokes or games. The simplest ones are based on emojis.

For example, you can send three tiny images to the other person and ask him or her to guess the movie. Here are some ideas.

Avoid one-word responses

We don’t want to be too dramatic here, but a one-word response is the worst thing that can happen to a text conversation. Be more original with your answers and try to not ask yes or no questions.

Talk about the things that the other person is passionate about

No one had ever gotten bored while talking about his passion. Figure out what the person truly loves and ask him to tell you more about it.

Warning! You have to be genuinely interested. Otherwise, you might get bored yourself.

Don’t take too long to respond

We can’t really tell what’s worse – disappearing in the middle of a conversation or waiting for minutes/hours/days to answer a message.

If you have got the conversation going, don’t leave the other person on hold – reply quickly. In case you need to end the conversation or take a break for something important, let your ‘pen pal’ know.

Also, don’t keep the person waiting for too long for your response, if they’ve decided to initiate the conversation. Ideally, you would want to respond as soon as you get the message. Or you can also text that you are busy at the moment, but you’d be happy to talk to the person in an hour, for example.

Have a particular conversation in mind

Don’t start a conversation only because you are bored. Firstly, the chances are high that you are going to ‘contaminate’ the other person with your boredom. Secondly, hoping that someone else is going to stop whatever he or she is doing and try and make your day more exciting is selfish and impolite.

Have a ‘plan’ of the conversation in mind, in order to keep it nice and interesting for both of you.

For example, you can pay extra attention to the things that happen to you during the day and make mental notes like ‘tell that person this’ and ‘mention this strange ad that I saw on the way to work’. 

To Sum Up

These were our tips on how to not be a boring texter.

Of course, there is no universal recipe for everyone. But if you are genuinely interested in the conversation yourself, the other person will feel that as well.

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