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How to Relate to Others – The Guide You Need

Being someone who can relate to people is a trait that comes naturally to some, but it is also an attainable trait for socially awkward groups.  Relating to people creates genuine bonds, long-lasting relationships, and has many benefits for your … Read More

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Being Socially Active: Everything You Should Know

In a world where most people are stuck looking at their phones and browsing on the internet, being socially active has become more important than before. Because we spend so much time mentally escaping from the realities of life, we … Read More

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The Conversation Guide to Social Mastery in 12 Steps

Are you having trouble making friends because your conversation is stalling or taking an awkward turn? Well, trust me – I’ve been there! This is a conversation guide that will help you a LOT in your next social interactions. Once … Read More

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How to be Funny: The 101 Crash Course

So you’re looking for tips on how to be funny. Awesome. Last time we talked about conversation starters you can use, now it’s time for yet another great subject. Want to make friends? Be funny. Need to get out of … Read More

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