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3 Tips to Break the Ice When Chatting with Strangers

3 practical tips to boost your first impressions when talking to strangers! If you wonder how “naturals” chat with random people, you gotta check this out. … Read More

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Anime Memes: Best Places to Grab Original Memes

Check out the best places for an endless supply of anime memes! Perfect for a good laugh or to “borrow” some for art or scientific purposes (lol) … Read More

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How to Make Friends: A Complete Guide

This guide will teach you exactly how to make friends by giving you the core mindset of every friendship and actionable tips you can practice at home. … Read More

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Funny Usernames: Best 40 List to Use Online

PressAltF4, AskMeAnything, DonaldTrump, and many more. Check out this list for amazingly funny usernames you can use in games, forums, online chats, etc… … Read More

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