3 Tips to Break the Ice When Chatting with Strangers

3 practical tips to boost your first impressions when talking to strangers! If you wonder how to chat easily, you gotta check this out.

How to Make Friends: A Complete Guide

This guide will teach you exactly how to make friends by giving you the core mindset of every friendship and actionable tips you can practice at home.

Top 5 Ways to Sound More Interesting

No one wants to be boring at parties, among our friends, or when we meet strangers. Here are the top 5 ways to sound more interesting.

Chatki: Tips and Tricks You Should Know

Check out everything you need to know about chatting on Chatki, powered by Chatrandom. With just a 1 min read you can be prepared to meet your next friends on Chatki.

Shagle: The 101 Guide to Amazing Conversations

Find out the best way to chat on Shagle! The best tips you can get around, including some of the hidden features you wouldn't find on Shagle

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