It’s Shagle time! Let’s face it: we’ve always wanted to anonymously interact with new people without our friends and family on our trail.

As much as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter offer thousands of options to virtually escape, they get boring sometimes. And recently, with all these social distancing and lockdown protocols everywhere, Shagle, like some others, allows you to do just that!

All right, enough of small talk, let’s get to it.

Before we started using it, we did a little research to ensure that it’s safe and to check out the features.

Here is what we found:

About Shagle

Shagle has been around since 2017, making it one of the newest of its’ kind. It was launched by Cogroup Limited and has slowly been gaining international users and traction over 70 countries. Its’ popularity comes from it being a free app and also having language translating features. You might have seen something similar such as ChatHub and some others.

The anonymity also is a bonus because no one likes being directly exposed to strangers. It has a face filter that allows you to hide your identity, and you can easily unveil yourself if you please.

With these features, we also found out that this free video calling app is a nice way to practice social and communication skills (if you wish to practice face-to.face). It allows you to meet random people, and it’s like a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to browse and interact with as many people as you want.

Looking by the positive reviews and app description, a bunch of us decided to download Shagle and try it out. At first, it was intimidating, and we weren’t sure of what to expect of it. But with the lockdown on our nerves and all the time on our hands, we decided to give it a shot.

After all, none of us could resist the possibility of anonymously interacting with random people. We thought it’d be fun to fool around! But most of all, we also wanted to find out if we would randomly meet each other on a virtual platform.

On using the app for two months, three of us came up with our individual experiences and feedback.

Here’s what we like about Shagle

Easy Sign up

The first reason we tried Shagle was that registration is free, and the steps are super easy to follow. All you need is a Facebook or Google+ account, and you can link in without giving out your information on display.

We were apprehensive that our info might get displayed by the app, but it’s all discreetly hidden.

We also found that there was an option where you can log in as a couple. This feature was new to us, and we were quite impressed because we know how couples can fight over online chats. It makes it more secure for couples who like to interact with others together socially.

PS.: If you haven’t noticed already, Shagle has a dating/romance vibe to it. If you’re not into that, you should check out other options that are more friendly.

Login Filters

After choosing an account login option and setting a password, you can set up your filter preferences. These filters include gender, location, and chat filters.

These options may throw some people off because it categorizes you, but it could be the reason to use it for many others. You can choose your country’s preference for free, but the gender option comes only for premium users (again, shifting more to the dating part). We didn’t mind because we’re used to checking these types of applications out.

The chat filters allow you to personalize your options. You can add an introduction to yourself, and it also shows your interest based on gender, matches, face, and face connect.

Language options

One neat thing about Shagle is the availability of different language options. You can choose your preferences from English, Portuguese, Italian, Spanish, French, and Deutsch.

This feature lets you kinda learn new languages too (I mean kinda because sometimes you still get some English-speaking people either way). Just set your location options to a particular country, and the app will sort out your match, depending on your choice.

Cam Stickers to cover the face

Not everyone is photogenic, and it’s intimidating to expose our face while talking to random people via camera. We all have little insecurities with our looks, so the camera sticker that allows you to either blur your face or use filter was a welcome feature.

Imagine showing your face to a random person and finding out he wasn’t interesting to even chat with! The scare was real, but luckily, none of us had to expose ourselves immediately.

Sending virtual gifts

The app has a feature that allows users to send virtual gifts. It makes the chats more rewarding and a little more exciting. It’s just a way of showing appreciation when you like someone you met, and it’s a good morale booster.

Getting a few virtual gifts keeps you motivated to continue using the app. It’s also a nice way of making others feel better when words fail sometimes.

Text Chat options

For those apprehensive about talking, it’s a relief to have this old-school feature. There were times when video chats were getting interrupted by slow connectivity, so the text chat option was greatly helpful.

The chatbox located next to the camera screen displays only your country and interest and has ample space to make good conversations.

However, I would avoid using the text-chat as a clutch since people in Shagle (and most of these types of applications) are looking for a real talk. Using the text-chat only will get you more “nexted”. If you’re too shy and prefer a text-chat only, I would recommend something like Chat Avenue or Chatzy

Quickly switch users

Honestly, there are lots of inappropriate men and women on the web, and no matter how much we try to avoid them, it’s inevitable on apps like this (e.g. Chatki, Emerald Chat).

We logged into the app with this risk in mind, and it’s great that we can either choose to linger on or change options fast. If you don’t like who you are meeting, you can just swipe “next”!

It’s simple as that, although it sometimes hurt when someone “next” you too fast too (however if you’re familiar with these types of apps, you know and live by this problem).

You can also quickly change your location, making it easier to pick your preferences. All you have to do is change your location country, and you will find plenty of suitable options.

Location filter

One of the distinguishable characteristics of Shagle is the sheer amount of countries at your disposal, with over 70 locations available. And just when we thought 70 countries were a lot, we found that you can access more countries, although with a fee.

You can check out people from over 200 countries after switching to a premium account. This feature unlocks more options and more exciting people.

Although we wish this feature was free, we also understand that these allow you to access exclusivity. So it’s mostly a 50/50 on the location filter.

Before it sounds like we are doing an ad review for Shagle, let’s skip to the important parts:

What we don’t like about Shagle

Gender Filter for a fee

While registering and choosing options, you will find that selecting a gender filter comes with a price. You have to access the premium account to change your gender preferences, but you can show your gender for free.

Most people might feel that identifying your gender or not identifying with any shouldn’t come with a fee! Everyone should have an open option to choose which gender we prefer to interact with.

Like we mentioned before, this feature capitalizes on the “dating” vibe the app has, so it may not be for everyone.

Too many options too fast

This is an impressive feature for many users, and many people might disagree with this being a negative point. But when there are so many users, your options become limitless. You can’t wait to see who is next or if you will find someone better. This feature makes it hard to focus on anyone you meet, even if they seem interesting.

If you find a good match, you will have to be quick to ask for other details if you want to take your conversations to other platforms. Otherwise, you will have to pay a premium fee to reconnect with previous interactions.

Risky for Underage users

Since it’s common for underage users to try these kinds of free video chat apps, precautions should exist. The app provides a lot of open and free options, so sexual predators may sometimes manipulate it.

The guidelines, terms, and conditions ensure safety for all, but sadly, there’s no guarantee when people lie about their age all the time. So the only warning we would give about this app is to be careful about underage users and play it safe.

Final Verdict

Shagle is a convenient option for free video calling apps when you like chatting with random people from around the globe. There are some features like the face and location filters that make it fun to use. It is effortless to use, register, and choose your preferences.

Since it’s not available for a mobile version, you will have to settle for the desktop version on your mobile. Using on mobile can make it a little hard to use the chatbox.

If you think Shagle is for you, here are some tips that will make your video chatting experience more fun.

How to Look Impressive on Shagle Video Chat

The moment everyone’s been waiting for.

Not to sound vain, but on video chatting apps, it’s mandatory to present yourself well (and well, just about anywhere too). What you choose to use as a display pic will determine how lucky you get. Consider it as a low-intensity sport that lets you score people.

Once again, think dating. If you’ve ever used Tinder, photos make 90% of your success. It’s very similar in Shagle.

No doubt, it can be frustrating to put yourself together for random people who might or might not be worth your time, but there’s no harm in looking presentable.

If you want to make a memorable first impression remember to follow these points:

Look Good

Whether you are a male or female, remember your face is an important feature, and it’s going to be the first thing people notice. If you look shabby, dirty, or downright unpleasant, you will get “next” quick.

So wear some make-up, clean clothes that highlight your best assets, and don’t forget to look approachable. Smile and look comfortable.

Dressing according to the type of users you want to link with, you can dress accordingly. Whether you choose to be daring or demure is entirely your choice as much as it’s your choice to click “next.”

Sit comfortably in a proper angle

Since you are browsing through hundreds of people and you never know who you will meet and when it’s good always to stay alert. But sitting straight up for long can get tiring.

So before you start your video calling sessions, make sure you find a flattering angle that is comfortable too. That way, you will look interested and active. You can sit as long as you want and have better chances of finding your potential partner!

Use Flattering Lighting

This is a tip that comes from photography 101.

If you’ve used these types of apps before, I’m sure you’ve come across those that sit right in the dark, with terrible lighting! Great, now you’re talking to what appears to be a serial killer.

Make sure you position yourself where there the lighting doesn’t reflect too much or deflect your assets.

Depending on your skin tone and the type of mood you want to set, find suitable lighting to highlight your features and make you instantly more attractive.

Position your webcam right

Whether you use the mobile or the website version, make sure you fit in the center of the screen. If you are using a mobile, place it on a tripod or a reliable and stable area to avoid too much movement. An unstable camera angle can be uncomfortable to watch.

Do not sit too close to the lens because it could distort your angles or expose minor imperfections. Instead, place the lens in the same height as your hairline to find the best angle.

Show off your personality

Whether you are great looking, average, or below, don’t worry. Show off your personality with a signature greeting! Be confident, and remember these are random people who you might never really meet in real life.

This isn’t just for Shagle, but many of these types of apps as well.

Once again, all that matters is to have fun and train your social skills, so you can kickass in real life.

Still reading?

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