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Summer Q&A (Answering feedback)

Fellow members, it’s been some time since we’ve posted. We’ve been trying to push development as hard as we can, so naturally, the blog suffers a bit. Eventually, when our team grows you can expect awesome posts just like before.

By the way, we’ve just released version 1.6.0: head on over to the version notes to check out the details of what changed! (spoiler: we’ve introduced GIFs into the chat system!)

We’ve received a lot of feedback over these months, and we’re extremely thankful for your input. It’s thanks to your encouragement, critics, and detailed feedback that we’ve come so far!

We decided to take the feedback you’ve given us and answer it here. We’re not publishing the user names for the sake of anonymity, but if you wish to have it published next time then say it in your feedback!

Feedback Q&A

make it back to 4 people per chat this new update is really horrible. you guys make the update even wrose from last “spam” update. do better. >:(

Right now this feedback is outdated, but we want to give a comment on this: thank you! We love seeing comments like this. Even though it’s a critic, we can tell you have been following us for some time.

As you know, Speakrandom is in BETA (not for long though). At this moment, we make changes almost daily to the app for all kinds of reasons. When you make a lot of changes, things are bound to break sometimes.

We just ask you to be patient with us: we’re going to make this app even more awesome and we want you to witness it all the way!

good job

Very succinct, so we’ll reply the same way: thank you.

Hello,so first of all we sometimes deal with kicking people from rooms (being over 3 to do so)and secondly, i suggest you program a way to delete the conversations, like for good, same for the contactsand why not put vocal messages too? (isnt that too much)have a good day

Thanks for your feedback! We don’t understand too well what you meant by people kicking you out. To be vote kicked, you need to be voted to get kicked in a 60 second period. If you get kicked from a conversation, you can always join back again without any problem.

About the deletion of chats: we haven’t implemented this yet, but the idea with deleted conversations is that messages get deleted after roughly 30 days, so you won’t need to worry about your messages staying on the system.

About the voice messages: this is something we’ll implement next month, stay tuned!

Have a good day as well.

P.S: If you wish to get any of your data deleted, send us an email at with your sign-in email and we’ll get it done for you.

This website is the best but there’s almost no one online

Thanks for the kind words! Speakrandom is new, in BETA, and free. We’re looking to implement a donation system somehow to get some revenue to grow our user base. When that happens, we’ll be able to gather a lot more people!

If you want to help us in our quest for now, then share our website on social media and with your friends!

A temporary solution to this problem: there are periods during the day which have more people online, I suggest you connect at different times and test things out. I’m sure you’ll find many more people to talk to that way.

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