The War against SPAM: Latest Update (OBSOLETE)

Update June 8 2020: We’ve removed the message blocking since we’ve managed to secure a way to prevent SPAM by recognizing patterns. You’re all free again!


Fellow soldiers, we’ve been observing the conversation flows and found that there’s a lot of SPAM going around on the public text chat messages.

There are also reports that people fake whole text conversations by claiming they’re someone they’re not.

TL;DR: After careful consideration, we’ve decided to restrict the time between messages. You can now only send a message every 30 seconds, as opposed to the past which you could send at any time (inviting SPAM behavior).

(This is only applied to the public text chat rooms – if you add a contact and use the Messenger function, then you can send messages unrestricted)

This update also discourages fake behavior as it’s much harder to fake your voice.


We know that some people prefer texting as opposed to using their voice, but please understand that Speakrandom is a place to have vocal discussions. We allow text messaging as a complement to the discussions you have through voice, such as sending video links, articles, social media profiles, etc…

If you really wish to chat through text, then you are always welcome to add people to your contact list. This is unrestricted and you may send as many messages as you want once you’ve added someone to your list.

As always, we’re open to suggestions and feedback you have for any type of subject. We definitely read all your messages, so talk to us!

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