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Top 25 Questions to Ask Your Friends

Have you ever been out with your friend and it suddenly gets awkwardly quiet and you look at each other and give a small laugh? It happens to all of us at some point.

That doesn’t mean you don’t like your friend, but sometimes you don’t know what the heck to talk about. We have your back. Here are some questions to ask friends so you don’t have to stare at each other in silence.

Friends that aren’t that close yet

Let’s start with newer friends. Maybe you still hang out in a group and not solely with each other. When the other person that keeps the group conversation going has to go to the bathroom, here are some questions to ask friends that are a bit newer.

1. What show should I binge next?

Everyone loves to talk about the show they are watching. Let them talk a bit about their current fav.

2. Do you like this place, or would you have picked someplace different?

There is usually that one person that always picks the place to hang out. See where else they would suggest, and maybe you can pick that next time.

3. Winter or summer? Night or day?

Everyone has a favorite. It tells a lot about someone without having to get too personal too soon.

4. What artist do you say gross to and immediately change the station?

We all have a song or artist that is a hard pass for us.

5. If you came into a lot of money, what would you do with it?

We all have dreams and plans for if we ever won the lottery, right?

6. What's one thing on your bucket list you have done?

Not too personal, but gets them talking about themselves.

Friends you hang out with by yourself

These questions are for friends you don’t mind getting a little sillier with, or a little deeper with. You wouldn’t mind if they flipped the question back on you. Here are some questions to ask friends that you are okay hanging out alone with.

7. Do you still have your childhood fears?

Maybe they are still deathly afraid of clowns… IT was scary, okay?

8. What would your dream job be? Why aren’t you doing it?

We are (mostly) all working a job that pays the bills and isn’t necessarily our favorite. Maybe you have a connection and can help them get there.

9. What’s something you believed as a kid that you cannot believe you fell for?

We are gullible. We believe anything adults or older kids would tell us as kids. Admittedly, maybe even as older adults we believed things we should not have fallen for.

10. Be honest, did you hate me when we first met?

Not every friendship starts as best friends.

11. What’s a habit I have that you don’t like?

You don’t have to get too deep with this. Do you shake your foot when bored? Do you tap the glass when waiting for the food? It could be little. Don’t go for the throat yet.

12. How did your last date go?

Everyone loves to hear about a date that they didn't have to sit through.

Someone you would call a best friend

Oh, man. Let’s get into some gut punches. Some jaw-droppers. Questions to ask friends that you consider a brother or sister can get real deep, or real dark.

13. Which of our friends have you thought about sleeping with?

Best friends can get a little ratchet. By this point, you have all sized up the other friends anyway.

14. What is my best quality and what is my worst?

Your best friend will tell you what sucks about you and what is good. If you really want to work on yourself, ask a good friend.

15. Do you stalk your ex/first crush/ex-best friend?

We all stalk someone at some point. The one good thing about social media is the ability to find out anything about anyone. Who are they stalking right now?

16. What is that embarrassing moment you don’t tell other people?

This has to be the big one. The one that got them banned. The one that got them to move cities.

17. What is a weird dream you always have?

Do they dream about robbing a bank with Nicholas Cage? That one isn’t ours, we heard it from someone else…

18. When was the last time you made someone cry?

Or the last time someone made them cry. 

Friends you have known the longest

Now, these might or might not be best friends. But you’ve known them for so long that they won’t ever be out of your life. Here are some questions to ask friends that will always be there.

19. What is a crazy theory you believe?

People have at least one weird conspiracy theory they swear is true.

20. Do you like your name? What would you change it to?

Some people love their names. Others wish their parents had put a little more effort in.

21. If you could crush one trivia night, what would the topic be?

We are all dreaming of that one trivia night to flex on.

22. What’s one thing you regret spending money on?

If it’s college, same.

23. What’s a guaranteed way to calm you down?

Maybe you can both eat ice cream and people watch together.

24. Where would you move to if you could?

If it's somewhere you would move to... roommates?

25. What Harry Potter House/Game of Thrones Family do you belong in?

Zodiac signs aren't cool anymore. Are you House Stark or House Bolton?

Well, guys, that should be enough to get to the next level of friendship, depending on where you are and where you want to be. Have fun, but be ready to answer anything you throw out there!

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