Upcoming Speakrandom v2 Release!

Greetings, people from, well… everywhere. If you’ve been a fan of the concept of Speakrandom (voice chatting with groups of strangers), then you’ll enjoy this news: we’ve updated Speakrandom!

The release of this update will happen today at 10 PM GMT + 0, so stay tuned for that!

Until now, Speakrandom was more of a proof of concept. We really just wanted to know how well it would be taken by the community. The results are awesome!

So here’s what you should expect from this new version:

  • Text chatting is implemented along with the voice chat! No more spelling out your Instagram or telling someone how to find a video on YouTube, you can just write it out!
  • You can now create and see other users’ profiles. You can upload your own avatar and set your own signature. Pretty neat right?
  • It became a Web App. Although it’s not in the Play Store or in the App Store, you can definitely have a feel for the app right in your favorite browser.
  • Mobile users: you can add Speakrandom to your home screen right from the browser as well 😉
  • Feedback feature: Give us your awesome feedback after you register your account! We didn’t have this before since this was a proof of concept, we were just “checking things out”. But right now, your feedback is extremely valuable.

This, my dear fellas, is the start of a journey. A long one. If you’ve been here since the beginning, thank you for being here. The ride will just get better from here on.

You can definitely expect awesome things in the future (we won’t be revealing those now).

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