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110 Things to do When You're Bored

So, you’re bored. Aren’t we all these days? Remember when you were a kid and you would tell your mom you were bored? What did she always say? It was either clean this or clean that until you begged to be just left being bored.

Now as an adult though, there’s no one to tell you what to do when you’re bored. Well, we found some things that might work for you.

Things to do for free

1. See the sunset.

2. See the sunrise.

3. Play Solitaire.

4. Do an online escape room.

5. Go on a virtual tour of a museum.

6. Puzzles, puzzles, puzzles.

7. Finally clean out your closet. It’s been years.

8. That said, those drawers are probably in need, too.

9. Write down where you want to be professionally, personally, and financially in the next year. Next 5 years.

10. Write a card. Snail mail is back in. Let someone know you care.

11. Volunteer. Your time is free. Your local nursing home, animal shelter, fire station, school, church, and library always need volunteers.

12. See if you have a Free Little Library in your neighborhood. Look for a new book or drop donations off.

13. Speaking of, read a book. Really, the whole thing.

14. Have you walked around the outside of your house lately? Clean it up.

15. Binge that show.

16. Put on your favorite songs and have a dance party in your living room.

17. Check your fridge for any growing experiments and scrub it out.

18. Wash every window in your house.

19. Go for a walk. In your neighborhood or at a park.

20. Delete those 15,000 pictures on your phone you never look at.

Things to do that are cheap

1. Go see a local play. It’s cheaper than Broadway.

2. Local comedy clubs are pretty cheap too.

3. Go check out your art museum.

4. Stop by your local farmer’s market.

5. Buy yourself a dessert. Just the dessert. From that fancy place.

6. Take your car through the car wash.

7. Go to the local coffee shop and people watch.

8. Take yourself to the movies. Smuggle your own snacks for cost-effectiveness.

9. Buy yourself 1 new thing. A new pair of shoes. A new picture frame. A new candle.

10. Donate to a charity. Even a small amount means a lot. Pick somewhere local.

Things to do that are for your mental health

1. Give yourself a full facial treatment.

2. Paint your nails.

3. Take a nap. Take 2.

4. Snuggle with your human baby or your fur baby.

5. Make a nice cup of tea.

6. Write down what you’ve accomplished this year.

7. Watch a movie that always makes you feel good.

8. Go for a drive and crank up the music.

9. Do some deep breathing exercises.

10. Stretch your whole body out.

11. Wash your bedding.

12. Take a long, hot shower.

13. Light all of your candles. Even those special ones you’ve been saving for years.

14. Make a cocktail you’ve always wanted to try. Or go take yourself out for one.

15. Delete all of those old texts out of your phone.

Things to do with your hands

1. Start a bookstagram, foodstagram, or any Insta page that’s just for you. Not your kids. Not your spouse. Just you.

2. Write your thoughts down. It doesn’t have to be a journal. Just that day can be fine.

3. Try to paint something.

4. If that is too hard, try to draw something.

5. Take some artsy pictures. You don’t need 3,000 pics of your dog.

6. Clean. Behind the sink. The baseboards. The fans. Clean.

7. Bake something. As long as you share.

8. Sew up all of those seams you’ve been meaning to for months.

9. Repaint a room you’ve always disliked.

10. Play video games. Like when you were a kid. Mario Cart is always a good one.

11. Really do your hair. Take your time. Try something new.

12. Go through that stack of mail.

13. Try on the worst dresses you can find.

14. Finally backup your computer. Delete the rest.

15. Give yourself a foot massage.

Things to do to make you move

1. Go for a walk or a jog.

2. Walk around your local mall.

3. Do an at-home workout.

4. Do your grocery shopping for the week.

5. Clean out your car.

6. Clean out your garage.

7. Check out your local downtown area. Most are walkable.

8. Walk your pet.

8. Walk your human. Child or other.

9. Go to your local community center and play a pickup game of basketball.

10. Rearrange your furniture.

11. Pick one room at a time and declutter.

12. Dust your whole house.

13. Go through every drawer in your house. Even that junk drawer.

14. Do a YouTube workout.

15. Learn a legit dance. Like ballroom or something.

Things to do for your brain

1. Learn a new language.

2. Try to learn origami.

3. Text everyone on your phone and wait for the replies.

4. Do a crossword puzzle.

5. Play Mahjong.

6. If there are other people there, play all of your board games.

7. Go down a rabbit hole on a subject that fascinates you.

8. Learn to play an instrument.

9. Try writing a poem or a song.

10. Find favorite quotes from your favorite people.

11. Plan out a trip you’d love to take.

12. Make a website for yourself.

13. Try making your own movie with your phone.

15. Check to see if your resume is up to date.

16. Check your financials. Check on your 401k.

17. Remember the news? See what’s up with that.

18. Update all of your social media.

19. Instead of another Rom-Com, pick a documentary.

20. Listen to inspiring music.

What to do when you're bored and can’t think of anything else

1. Sit outside and watch people.

2. Clean the banister and outlet covers.

3. Blogging might be for you.

4. Look for a new job. Doesn’t mean you have to quit your current one. Knowing options is good.

5. Stalk people from high school on social media.

6. Check on all of your friends.

7. Do some full-body stretching.

8. Take yourself out to dinner.

9. Rent a hotel for a night in another city and relax.

10. Sell stuff online that you haven’t used in forever.

11. Have a garage sale. That's a whole weekend booked up.

12. Clean all of your electronics. Gross.

13. Take fun pictures of yourself until you get some you like.

14. Adult coloring is really relaxing.

15. It’s 5 o’clock somewhere. Enjoy.

If after reading that list you still don’t know what to do when you’re bored, then just pick something you've done yesterday. Anyway, whether you want to spend money, save money, go outside, or stay inside, we found something for everyone.

No need to ask what to do when you’re bored again, just look over this list and pick something!

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