Version Changes



  • Rework: Topics are now built by users and don’t rotate when reaching the maximum. Topics that are full and empty are removed automatically from the search.
  • New feature: Topics are now made into links which you can share and invite friends to.
  • New feature: You can create Private rooms (which are hidden from the search on the main page). Only accessible through direct invites or by sharing the link.
  • New feature: Rooms have now a maximum of 8 people and a minimum of 2 people, as opposed to a fixed limit of 4 from before.
  • Design rework: Speakrandom appearance changed to better enhance the user experience.
  • Security fix: Stale rooms are automatically removed from the database to prevent unintended connections.



  • New feature: Push notifications now available. If you accept the permissions, you’ll be notified of new messages and requests directly on your device.
  • Performance update: Navigating through messages and requests is a much smoother experience.
  • Performance update: Connecting to the server is now faster.
  • Bugfix: Rooms sometimes stopped appearing on the front page.



  • Major feature: Topic-based chatting now available. You can join, search, invite to and participate actively on topic hashtags (e.g. #example).
  • Design update: Loading and connection to rooms is now a much smoother experience.
  • Performance update: Loading messages and any stored content is now much faster.
  • Bugfix: Users that had ERROR status could not be vote-kicked.
  • Bugfix: Fixed “Last Seen” method for messages (used to be too abusive when showing new messages).
  • Bugfix: Fixed email verification for the feature “Add contacts” (you could request without being verified).



  • New feature: GIFs now available in the lobby chat and private messaging
  • Bugfix: Getting older messages in private conversations used to be slow
  • Bugfix: Users returning ERROR when leaving a room normally
  • Server stability: restructured the database for faster access
  • Rebuilt error messages
  • Security updates



  • Updated the server
  • Pairing algorithm changed
  • Random fun avatars available for Guest users



  • App front page redesign
  • Added a new path “/discuss” that is used for chatting itself
  • Added Terms and Conditions
  • Added Privacy and Policy
  • Added Cookie Policy
  • Added Version Changes page: will have more complete information starting with the 1.4.0 release (yes this one)
  • Removed message limit due to the anti-SPAM policy (we managed to implement the security update through other means)
  • Bug fixes



  • Fixed landing page cookies
  • Messages are now also saved in browser (for offline viewing)
  • The Progressive Web App (Add to Home function) is now fully functional



  • Pairing algorithm changed
  • Rebuilt server architecture (more robust, faster connections)
  • Errors are now automatically sent to the server (for easier monitoring)



  • Rebuilt front page
  • Added feature: “Add contacts”
  • Fixed a bunch of bugs



  • Initial Release (Starting with Speakrandom v2 update)